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Creating art is a way for me to experience freedom, joy, wonder and magic. It also helps me to know myself better. The choices I make, based on my feelings and intuition, help me discover what I enjoy about life. I find it is a great way to get in touch and reveal my inner world. This is something I learned to do when I did art therapy several years ago. And I love how it works for me. Art helps me discover and express who I really am.

Artist’s curriculum

Collective exhibition

  • Student artwork, Espace Valeyre, Paris, 2011


  • 2018, Drawpj mentored level with Brigitte Gurney-Back as personal instructor
  • 2016 – 2018, Drawpj Beginner Course (Cindy Wider’s art course) with Brigitte Gurney-Back as personal instructor
  • 2009-2011, Painting course with Halinka Mondselewski, Espace Valeyre, Paris