Here is a collection of drawings from my artbook.


Working on a portrait is a great way to connect deeply to another human being. Feeling someone else’s soul, really seeing beyond all appearences. While contemplating and trying to capture the essence of a being, shadows are disappearing, masks are dissolving. When looking at someone with loving eyes, inner beauty is revealed.


When I am out walking on my own, surrounded by nature, I usually end up entering some sort of meditative state. I start to immerse myself in my environnement. It’s almost as if I could breath it. Feel it. I become one with every little partical around me. This might be the reason why I like hyper-realism so much. With its focus on the tiniest detail, it helps me go back to that state where I dissolve myself in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Mystical Spirit

I love to create artworks from my heart, with no pre-conceived idea. Just for the purpose of seeing what will emerge from inside. Creating art that way makes me feel good about life and also helps me know myself better.


Here is a collection of monochrome drawings in a suggestive style.

Great Masters

On my leisure time, I sometimes like to make copies of Masterpieces from the greatest painters. I find it is a great way to educate myself. By trying to reproduce an artwork, I really get to delve into it, which allows me to get an intrinsic perspective of the original painting.